March 5, 2010

Update: Hand & Girls

Everything was going very well with my hand - only a little pain when I tried something, of which I would stop. I was finding that I could do more things without pain and discomfort. Yesterday My hand and fingers had become swollen again and even now. I hadn't had any swelling since the day of the surgery until yesterday. It's not painful or uncomfortable, but it's a little difficult locating my knuckles. :-)

My Mother-in-Law returned home Thursday after giving SO much help! My Mom has been coming over while Jeramy's been at work to help change diapers and help clean, which is still too painful to execute. :-D Meals are coming and I'm so thankful to everyone for all of the help! I'll go back to the doctor March 11 to remove the stitches.

There are new pictures of the girls from February in the right sidebar.

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