March 18, 2010

Update: Baby #3

Tuesday I went for the baby's OB checkup. Right now I'm 18 weeks - almost at the half-way point. I definitely noticed my belly growing during the two weeks of recovery after carpal tunnel surgery. Because I was not allowed to get the dressing wet and felt uncomfortable driving, I was unable to get to the gym to exercise. So far I've gained 6.5 pounds and I returned to the gym this past week. :-D I've felt the baby moving some and it's very exciting. In four weeks we will have an ultrasound and find out the baby's gender. Jeramy and I have no preference for the sex, but Jeramy would like to know and I concede without coercion. :-) Any guesses?

My blood was drawn again for the antibody reaction. They will probably draw it every 4 weeks or so. The DR said that quantitatively it doesn't show up on the scale, i.e. the reaction was so weak it doesn't fall in any measurable range. Because of that they cannot determine the reason the antibody became present in the first place. The DR also told me not to lose any sleep over it. They are monitoring it closely to make sure that the level doesn't increase. If it does then specialists and shots are easily accessible. No need to worry. :-) Again he assured me that it should have no effect on this pregnancy, although it might on future ones.


The Shadburn Family said...

I'm glad you can rest easy about the baby's health. I vote for a BOY!

Leah said...

I am praying that everything works out in your pregnancy and there are no complications.

I think the baby will be a girl. :)

Then you can have three more boy babies afterword. :D

It worked out great in our family. :D

I am looking forward to seeing the newest of your children.

Boy or Girl I am sure He/She will be just as cute as Moriah and Lily. :)



Abby said...

I hope it's a boy!

Abby :D