April 29, 2010

Christmas in April! Part 2: Tupperware!

When Grandma Jane came up to watch the girls when Jeramy went to TX for a couple of days, she decided to give Jeramy and me our housewarming present: Tupperware! It was really funny how she approached me with it. She said that she didn't want to offend me (since our cabinets were in disarray) but asked if would I like to have some more organization in the kitchen. I said I was open to the idea, but I didn't know what would work to make it better. Then she said the magic word, "Tupperware". So I called Jennifer and she came over and spent about 3 hours with us gabbing in the kitchen and helping me to decide what items would work best. Let me tell you that it looks awesome! Notice how much more room there is available in our cabinets! I do confess that I was unwilling at this time to get rid of some of the boxes. :-)

My in-laws are so very generous. Through them I have learned more about how immeasurable the grace of God really is, because you can't even begin to pay back all the kindness you've received. It is the same with the Andersons. Thank you so much Mr. and Mrs. Anderson for your really awesome housewarming gift!!!

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