April 21, 2010

On The Road, Again

Last Thursday, G'Wanda, the girls and I left for Northern VA for a brief visit. What is normally an 8 to 10 hour drive took about 12 hours. :-P I'm very pleased with how the girls behaved during the drive and the trip in general. Moriah didn't wear any diapers in the car and had no accidents! Lily didn't cry for hours on end and probably not even an hour total!

The girls were very well behaved in the home of our host (which has lots of expensive stuff everywhere within reach) and they didn't break anything or touch anything that would otherwise cause heart attacks. :-D They played well with Lenore, possibly the sweetest 7 year old in VA. The girls complained very little and slept as well as they do at home. I didn't take any pictures.

Tomorrow Jeramy and I head out for Louisville, KY back to our old stomping ground, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Friday morning Jeramy has a field essay as the final part of the application process for a PhD in Worldview Apologetics. Jeramy has had to read about 1300 pages of material over the past two weeks to prepare and he's completed it all! Wow.

The girls will be staying home with Grandma Jane and G'Wanda. I'm looking forward to this visit very much and especially the shorter drive. It's still about 8 to 10 hours driving, I think, but we won't have to stop near as often (Lord willing I don't get nauseous) and we will leave much earlier. We appreciate any prayers for our traveling safety as well as the success of Jeramy's essay.

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