April 2, 2010

Moriah & Lily

Moriah is growing more and more each day. Her appetite has really picked up and is now fairly consistent with eating a larger quantity of food daily - which is great! She's grown her second set of molars and now has two on each side, top and bottom, as far as I can tell. She can put her socks on without any help and is learning how to use the potty by herself also. She still wears a diaper during her naps and at night, although she's been removing them sometimes. She really likes to boss Lily around and sometimes Jeramy, G'Wanda, and me too. Yes, G'Wanda is what she calls my Mom now. It sounds like, "Ga Wanda" or "Guh Wanda". She has definitely taken over her role as big sister. She'll be two and a half in just two more months. She's also started to help clear the table of her own plate and generally has a helpful attitude. :-)

Homeschool is going well. She will sit and read books for almost an hour. She loves to work on writing and recognizing written letters. She can count to 20 (minus "15") and she knows all the Fruits of the Spirit from Galatians 5:22-23.

Lily has finally gotten 3 molars and I think the fourth one is in the process of coming in now. She is definitely entering the toddler/2-year old stage where she wants to do things herself and doesn't want you to help in any way. Her whining and her understanding have increased. She helps Moriah clean up her toys and she's obeying regular commands without a whole lot of defiance! She does love to run from you when you tell her to, "Come here" but not every time. She likes to tease. :-) Her language is coming out more and she's added, "dog" to her vocab and "bath," I think. They sound more like, "doh" and "bah" but she says them every time she sees the associated object. She loves to pretend reading books and she also wants to be a helper.

They grow so fast. See new pictures from March in the right sidebar.

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