April 5, 2010

Update: Baby #3

I'm very thankful to be feeling more movement from the baby. I was a little concerned last weekend because several days went by where I didn't feel anything. Currently I'm 20 weeks, at the half-way point! Weight gain tends to fluctuate but the last time I weighed myself I had gained 8.5 pounds during this pregnancy. My goal is not to gain more than 20 pounds overall by remaining physically active and watching the content of my diet. Remaining physically active helps curb discomfort, weight gain, emotional rollercoasters, etc. :-)

The larger my belly becomes, the more I feel that I'm becoming a spectacle in the gym. It's really funny because I waddle in, carefully step up to the treadmill, and after a warm-up and stretches, I run 2 miles at 6 mph before I cool down. And I have trouble bending down to touch the floor! :-D I hope to be able to continue running at this pace at least until I'm 24 weeks and I would like to continue running into the third trimester. My goals are flexible so that if running becomes uncomfortable or painful, I can slow down or stop without feeling like a failure. So far, so good. I'm thankful.

Last Sunday morning, as I laid in the bed I realized that when this child is born we will have three children under three years old! And none of them are twins. I thank God that I won't have to change three sets of diapers, though. Feeling overwhelmed?

Next Tuesday (13th) we have the ultrasound and find out the gender! Don't forget to vote in the left sidebar! The poll will close the day after.


The Culbertsons said...

Meggan - You look wonderful! Way to go keeping up with the exercise even during pregnancy. When do you go to the gym? Do you take the girls with you or does Jeramy watch them? You are doing great!!

Meggan said...

Thanks Diana! Jeramy and I plan on coming to L'ville on the 22-23. Maybe we'll see y'all. I wake up at 5 a.m. and go to the gym while everyone is sleeping. I try to get back, showered and everything before the girls wake up. I run the 2 miles twice a week and do an elliptical machine 3 times a week.