April 26, 2010

Multitude Monday

holy experience

Today I'm thankful for:
366. Over 1,000 miles of safe (read uneventful) highway traveling.
367. Memories of my Dad in my old VA house.
368. Meeting the new owners of my old VA house - really nice, hospitable folks.
369. An enjoyable visit with the staff from my church back home.
370. Moriah and Lily behaved well in church last Sunday morning.
371. Moriah and Lily didn't destroy anything in the house where we lodged.
372. The weather in N. VA was nice during our visit.
373. Less than three cumulative hours of crying in the car during our 24-hour round-trip. (Yes it was THAT long!)
374. Finally getting back home to Lawrenceville.
375. A MUCH shorter drive up to Louisville, KY with Jeramy (6 hours).
376. Very hospitable friends who allowed us to stay with them over night for free.
378. Visiting with other Seminary alumni whom we miss.
379. Hearing live organ music again.
380. Breathing the Seminary air again.
381. Seeing the KY green grass again.
382. I had no major reactions to cats in our host's home.
383. Being able to visit my professor in the hospital and pray with them.
384. A wonderful visit with our friend Channing, aka The Chan-Man.
385. A safe return home from Louisville.
386. Jeramy was well respected in his PhD interview.
387. Jeramy had no major migraine headaches during his interview.
388. Grandma Jane could care for the girls at home while Jeramy and I could travel.
389. The girls had a safe and fun time at home.
390. The girls really enjoyed the petting zoo.
391. That I'm still able to run while pregnant.
392. Pain-free running at 5.5 mph.
393. Tupperware upon my arrival back home!
394. The grace of God, opening my eyes to the beauty of Christ and enabling me to repent and turn to Him in faith for salvation!
395. Friends who've been married longer than I have.
396. Hugs.
397. Kisses.
398. Sound, pain-free sleep.
399. No major tornado events here.
400. Sanctification from anxiety.

What are you thankful for today?

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