September 23, 2010

Potty! (No Pictures)

Lily pee peed in the potty for the first time yesterday! She will be two years old on January 4th.

I usually change her diaper before her nap. Both yesterday and today she woke from her nap with a dry diaper. I also had to use the restroom and figured we could go together. I sat her on the potty opposite me and we both smiled and talked while Moriah made faces in the bathroom mirror.

After I finished up and washed my hands, I put the toilet lid down and sat opposite her again, reminding her to stay on the potty. Then her expression changed dramatically; it was really funny. From smiling she suddenly looked very worried and nervous, as if she was saying, "I can't hold it anymore!" Then I began to hear the wonderful trickling sound! She would go a little, then stop, go a little more, then stop again. I smiled and kept telling her, "It's okay," and "Go pee pee. Go all of your pee pee." Then the smile returns to Lily's face and we wipe and review the deposit. Celebrations commence. Pictures were taken. Phone calls were made and it was wonderful! Yay Lily!!

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