November 6, 2009

We've Officially Moved In

Tonight will be the first night we spend in our new home! Sometime in the next few hours the Gas man (hee hee) will be here to hook us up with some heat. Yay!

I went out for a quick errand run and found the Sam's Club and Walmart and a really nice public park where I can take the girls!

When I got back Jeramy had met one of our neighbors, Brett and his dog, Chase. Mail is coming also.

Now I'm off to clean our kitchen cabinets before the girls wake up from their nap. Any volunteers? :-)

Note to self: Don't move dirty cloth diapers! Wash them and use disposables until the washer and dryer get hooked up. :-P


Erin said...

You'll be shopping at my Sams and Walmart now, I think! (On 124?) Maybe we'll bump into eachother now and then ;-) Did you play at Ronald Reagan Park? The library across the street is great :-)

Enjoy making house!

Lisa said...

Yea!!!! How exciting! God is good!

Lisa Q