November 27, 2009

Moriah Is Two!

I can't believe it. As I was watching her play with her new toys and gifts yesterday, it really hit me that she is not a baby anymore. With this grasp of reality it also occurred to me that growth is like a promise from God. These difficult days of misunderstanding toddler talk, potty training, spankings, defiance, whining and tantrums really will end. I remember getting so frustrated breastfeeding Moriah and she was only 2 months old! Those days are gone. I remember getting frustrated when she would appear to cry and whine for no reason. But now she can say or motion toward the object or person she wants and it's no longer a mystery (well, mostly). In a year or less she will be able to say most any word and will be able to understand the things I tell her. It's amazing.

In a way, I'm very glad that communication and obedience has and will get better over time. :-) But on the other hand, it's sad. She doesn't fit so easily in my arms anymore. She's old enough to push away my embraces for an activity she would rather do. Rarely does she cry when I leave but she will for Daddy or Grandma. I had better enjoy these days because, truly, they are short.

In any event, Moriah seemed to have a wonderful birthday yesterday. The morning was spent cooking and preparing for Thanksgiving Dinner. After dinner she opened presents and then Grandma Wanda brought her an ice cream cake and she blew out her own candle! Last year she cried when we sang, "Happy Birthday" to her and this year she danced. :-) Last year she couldn't open her gifts, but this year she happily tore open the wrappings. Last year she stuck her whole face into the cake! :-D This year just a finger then a spoon.

The Grandparents showered her with gifts: Mr. Potato Head, an erasable magnetic writing pad with a chalkboard on the opposite side, a Bumble Bee Buggy, a bedtime rhymes book, some clothes and snacks.


The Shadburn Family said...

Happy Birthday, Moriah!!!!

Erin said...

Happy Birthday Moriah!!! The time really does go by so fast.