January 26, 2010

Just Briefly About Obamacare

Although I might not be as up to speed and informed as others of you who keep well in touch with the news media, there is one insight I would like to add that has probably already been said.

Today while I was waiting in the GA Department of Driver Services for a simple address change to my Driver's License, it struck me: Obamacare will be just like a trip to the DDS, only worse.

Upon entering the building and seeing the Information/Check-in Kiosk, my eyes proceeded to look to the right where a long line (about 20 people) had already formed. After waiting in the first long line, filing out a very easy and short form, I received a number and was told to wait.

For two hours I waited until my alpha-numeric number was called. I gazed out among the hundred or more people waiting for them to be called. All the people were agitated, frustrated, hungry, annoyed, angry, etc. Complaining to themselves, they grumbled loudly.

Obamacare will be just like this, but worse. We will be waiting two hours or more to be seen by some average or below average medical professional who won't care that much about our personal health circumstance. Not only that, but the cost of such sub-standard care will be through the roof. People will pay a ton of money for terrible healthcare.

The medical professionals won't put that much effort forth (unless their accountable to a Higher Authority) because they will get paid the same as other professionals who are lazy and average. It's like public school teachers: they all get paid the same, why try harder and do better?

I'm very thankful for the recent events in Massachusetts and that most Americans in and out of Congress are opposed to the Obamacare for various reasons, whatever those may be.

Ohh, and let me just state the obvious: I am a black woman and I'm NOT a democrat!

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Jeramy Anderson said...

That's my Wife!! Who could ask for anyone better!!