January 14, 2010

Lots of News

Toilet Training: Day 2
Moriah slept well only wearing the underwear and no other protection. She held her bladder all night long without any accidents! Jeramy reported to me that she did have an accident later in the morning after her bath. Sometime after or during her nap she peed in the bed. Then she went the rest of the day without any major problems. Yay!

Toilet Training: Day 3 in progress
This morning Jeramy got up early to take Moriah to the potty, about 6:45 a.m. and she successfully made it through the night without an accident! So far no accidents yet. We've been taking her about every hour or less to the potty.

Slowly But Surely
Lily is gradually walking. She tends to get more courageous with trying on her own once she has some guided practice. She might be fully walking by the time she turns 13 months. We'll see.

Jeramy has been battling a migraine the past couple of days and he would really appreciate your prayers for relief and grace.

Carpal Tunnel Confirmed
Tuesday afternoon I had an appointment with a Neurologist who shocked me quite a bit, some was not painful, some was a little less than tolerable and others were unbearable. As she was conducting the test, she confirmed that I do have carpal tunnel in my right hand. The positive news is that there is nothing wrong with my left hand and the CTS in my right has not yet affected my muscles. I'll have a follow-up appointment with the hand surgeon on Tuesday for his recommendations for treatment. Hopefully it won't be surgery.

First OB Check
Yesterday the new baby had his or her first check up. So far everything looks great. The ultrasound looked great and I could easily see the heart beating! I'll post more on this visit later with pictures. :-)

New Gym Membership
As a cheaper alternative to purchasing a treadmill that would need regular maintenance, Jeramy and I decided that I could join a gym! At Just Fitness 4U we paid $99 for Enrollment and just $10 a month! I joined yesterday and ran early this morning at 6 a.m. I'm so excited! Lord wiling I'll be able to remain disciplined and keep my pregnancy goals a reality.


Erin said...

Great job Girls!!!

Praise God for the good OB appointment.

I will be praying for Jeramy, as well as for your Carpal Tunnel.

I was actually wondering today if you were going to continue running during the pregnancy. That's wonderful that you found an affordable place that will meet your need :-)

Lydia said...

Have you checked into Neuromuscular Theapy for the CPS or is it too progressed?

Meggan said...

Lydia, I don't know. I'll see the DR on Tuesday to see what options are available. I'll ask him about it. Thanks.