January 18, 2010

Multitude Monday

holy experience

There is a lot to be thankful for. Whenever the temptation comes to be discontent, dissatisfied or bitter, finding things to be thankful for is a great way of escape.

I'm thankful
196. Moriah is with us another day.
197. Moriah didn't sustain any severe injuries from her fall when so many others aren't so fortunate.
198. Moriah's sweet, excited smile.
199. Moriah's smiley greeting whenever Jeramy, Grandparents or I enter.
200. I've not changed Moriah's poo diapers in a week.
201. Watching Moriah spontaneously hug Lily.
202. Watch Moriah generously give something to Lily.
203. Watch Moriah comfort Lily by rubbing her back gently.
204. Watch Moriah run around crazy.
205. Any time Moriah eats her full meal.
206. Any day I don't vomit.
207. Any night of uninterrupted sleep.
208. Any time I can go for a run.
209. Physical reminders of unseen grace, mercy & love, like the breath in my lungs.
210. Encouragement and conviction from God's Word.
211. The ability to pray directly to God through our One Mediator Jesus Christ.
212. Whole Fruit Mango Sorbet on sale BOGO at Publix through Wednesday.
213. Anytime Moriah wakes and I don't have to wash her bed linens.
214. Having the privilege of meeting a sweet and gracious 98 year old saint.
215. Warm blankets.
216. Sun shining, 60 degree, days in January.
217. The occasional back or neck rub from my honey.
218. Watching Lily take off walking.
219. A new piano student.
220. Any food that settles nausea.

What are you thankful for today?

Click on the picture link above to see how many others in the Gratitude Community over at Holy Experience are counting their blessings, one by one. The goal is to reach one thousand things we're thankful for.

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