January 16, 2010

Saturday Scare

Today Moriah fell down the stairs. She managed to wiggle her way through the wooden railing where the stairs meet the main landing and tumbled all the way down to the basement floor some 12 steps below. We praise God that she didn't get through in any other spot, otherwise she would have had a significant fall before tumbling down the remainder of the stairs.

She cried for a long time when she reached the bottom and Jeramy did his best to keep her immobilized while I called 911. The ambulance came and took her to the local hospital and they thoroughly checked her there. I was very surprised at how calm Jeramy remained during this ordeal - his time as a police dispatch has appeared to rub off on his nerves.

She made out okay. After such a scary trip down she came out with a bump on the head and a busted lip. We praise God that her injuries were not any worse. Needless to say that there is plywood covering the railing now and no one will be able to squeeze through. Jeramy has a high priority to build a tall gate, similar to a regular door in place of the baby gate we installed months ago.

We love our little Moriah! And we're so thankful that she can spend a little more time with us. Tonight she didn't seem to be in too much pain - although she is enjoying the popsicles and extra attention. :-)


Abby said...

Oh my! That sounds like a bad bump. I'm glad she's okay.


Leah said...

Gasp! That sounds like an AWFUL experience. :-/ :-(

I am glad that she seems to be over all, okay. Praise God for her great recovery from it and I hope that she is doing better and healing. :)


Lisa said...

Oh, the sweet baby. So glad she is alright. It is amazing what they can get themselves into.

Lisa Q

Lydia said...

Sorry to hear about the fall, but glad she's okey. Never would have known it on Sunday. She was all over the place and even going up and down the steps on the stage, during practice. Guess it didn't give her a stair phobia.