January 28, 2010

An Update

Lily has become so much more vocal now than she's ever been! It's really exciting to see her open a book, flip the pages and pretend to read. Often she'll come up to one of us and start "talking". The past couple of days she has been walking primarily as she's learned to stand by lunging! Once she got her balance, she seems to prefer rising to stand in this way instead of the all fours to twos method. Lily has also been teething and there is a molar just about to pierce the surface maybe today or tomorrow!

Moriah is coming along with her toilet training. She still has accidents sometimes, but she is making really good progress. At first she was also being trained at night and during her naps to hold her bladder, but when Lily would wake her in the middle of the night (because of her teething) she would pee. Previously she could go all night and remain dry as long as Jeramy or I got to her first thing in the morning to sit on the potty. Once I got tired of washing her bed linens everyday, I decided to give her a diaper for naps and bedtime. I'll wait until she can understand more and doesn't have any more daytime accidents before moving on.

Moriah's homeschool is going well. She will sit and read books with Jeramy for an hour! Jeramy has started working with her on the days of the week, months of the year, Greek and Hebrew alphabets and simple addition. She loves to learn. The other day she and Jeramy were out raking leaves and drilling the Greek alphabet and every time they would finish, "Omega," she would say, "Do it again?" and they would do it again, like a hundred times. :-) She also has started teaching her sister things. All the time she says, "Yellow, Lily, Yellow." She can also say her name, "Mo Ri Yah." :-) And she sings all kinds of songs and even has some Scripture memorized.

Today I'm taking pictures and tomorrow I'll post them.

Since Moriah's tumble down the stairs, the same day Jeramy nailed plywood into the banister. Tuesday he made a super-duper safety gate with the latch on the inside so that only an adult-sized individual could reach over and open it up. It's all about 4 feet high. If anyone would like him to make another such gate for your home, only way more aesthetically pleasing according to your personal preferences, I'm sure he wouldn't mind the project. :-)

The results have come in from my nerve test and it is confirmed that I have moderate to severe carpal tunnel in my right hand. For which the DR only recommends surgery because the steroid injection didn't work before and I mentioned neuromuscular therapy and he had never heard of it (maybe in these cases). It is scheduled for Feb 26. It will take about 7 to 10 minutes for the surgery and I will be in a splint for two weeks, unable to use it. After that, I will be able to go back to my normal activities, pain permitting, for which I can take tylenol. I still plan on teaching music during my recovery since my playing is usually not required, but an enjoyable bonus. I can still have the surgery during pregnancy, just after the first trimester is over.

Speaking of pregnancy, all is well, as much as I can tell between visits. The baby will see the OB on Feb 10. I keep trying to keep my weight at bay until the first trimester is over and so far I'm juggling between the +1-2 lb. mark. So, I'm pleased. Fatigue and nausea are an everyday occurrence and fruit is the main craving. If I give the girls milk before their afternoon nap, they (and I) can sleep 4 hours blissfully!

Happy Thursday to you.

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