May 25, 2010

Belts Are Easy!

Moriah is really petite. Her height is normal for her age but her waist is smaller than most 24 months clothes fit, especially her jeans. So after unsuccessfully looking for girls' belts in the store I decided that maybe I could just make her one.

It was a lot easier than I thought I would be! At Joann Fabrics they have a shelf on the end-cap of one of their isles with different kinds of belting. This is sort of like the stuff seat buckles are made of - durable, interwoven, tough stuff - except prettier. Then on The Notions Wall I picked up a packet of D rings, which comes with 4 rings for two belts. The instructions are right on the packet of rings.

I cut a nice straight edge, looped it through two D rings and sewed it down. Then you do the same thing at the other end except without the rings and viola! It's done in 5 minutes! I made Lily a matching one also. :-)

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Erin said...

Too cute! Great job on that. I wish I had more patience and skill with sewing.