May 1, 2010

Creation Seminar in Garland, TX

A couple of weeks ago, Jeramy went to a church in TX to give a creation vs. evolution seminar. The pastor had been advertising for weeks and there was a great turn out, considering the size of the church. There were also some un-believing atheists in attendance! There was one particularly, extremely foolish man to come and try to steal the show - a real heckler. Jeramy kept his cool and even some of the little old ladies in the church yelled at him saying something like, "Sir, this is not your seminar! Sit down!"

Anyway, Jeramy recorded his seminars and was able to edit out that crazed heckler for our benefit. I am excited to hear it soon. Check it out. There are four sessions with the notes and audio on his blog. His talks cover a lot of ground from worldview positions, intelligent design, the Flood and dating methods up to racism. There is also a link to it in my top left sidebar.

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