May 20, 2010

Not Your Average Treat

I've had a cravings for Rice Krispies Treats lately and so I decided to make some. When Jeramy saw the ingredients, he decided to do it for me. :-) Jeramy has a history with these Rice Krispies Candy (as they call it) and I'll share it with you.

Jeramy's parents have historically been in business for themselves. They owned the second largest tobacco farm in GA before the Government Buy Out when they retired and they have also owned other, smaller operations including a convenience store. At the time they co-owned the store, Jeramy, then 12 or 13, decided that he wanted to make a little money too. He decided to invest in homemade Rice Krispies Candy. He had this down to a very fine science from how much each ingredient would cost, counting the marshmallows, the wrapping materials - everything. He was very successful at this enterprise and made a good bit of money. People would rave about these Treats and it got to the point where customers requested them by name and preferred these to other candies and favors. As a result the other co-owners decided that they didn't want Jeramy to continue with his Candy business and shut him down. Customers got mad when they pulled it from the shelves because they were the best. The consistency and ratio of marshmallow to cereal, the texture, a personal recipe and the price were what drew people.

He has kept his original recipe a secret (even from me) but here are a few tips from the master about making your own Rice Krispies Treats:
1. Use real, brand name ingredients. Don't use generic cereal or marshmallows.
2. Use water on your hands and utensils to keep the marshmallow from sticking.
3. Cover with air-tight plastic wrap to keep it moist if it lasts through the next day.
4. Allow 30 minutes to cool and set before serving.
5. Cut with a straight-edged knife.

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The Roses said...

ooh! You're making me want some.