May 26, 2010

Recent Wood Projects

Last night Jeramy built these a rolling table for his saw and here is the rolling table he made for his planer a while ago. This makes accessibility to these heavy pieces of equipment much easier. When the time comes that he feels moved to build something, he doesn't have to spend extra time setting up and taking down machinery.

Last week and again this week, Jeramy has built and installed two gates for the stairs from our deck. They look really handsome, don't they?! They blend in to the remaining sides really well and therefore make the stairs that much more unappealing for our girls to adventure. The rust resistant hinges are very attractive and swing and catch really easily. It is so much nicer having a safer outdoor place where we can relax with the girls and other little people. :-)

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Jeramy Anderson said...

The portable table for the planer was constructed a few months ago.