May 15, 2010

Newborns & Cloth Diapers

Last year Jeramy and I decided to invest in cloth diapers because we had become uncomfortable with how expensive it was having both Moriah and Lily in disposables. Lily was still solely breast feeding while Moriah was on the same diet as we were. I purchased some Osocozy All-in-Ones, Kushies diaper covers and several dozen pre-folds.

We loved using the AIO on Moriah because they work just like a disposable but they are washable/reusable and therefore more economical if you're willing to make the plunge financially for the convenience. (At the time, through a forum, they only cost us about $7 each. Immediate picture below.) In the end it really does pay for itself. The diaper covers and pre-folds are probably the most economical purchase for cloth diapers. It definitely doesn't bite your wallet too much to switch to cloth when you choose this method.

Once or twice I used the AIO on Lily during that time and found that if she did a number two, the soft breast milk stool would come out of the AIO and mostly run up her back. :-P I figured the reason for that being that there was no lip around the back or gussets around the legs to prevent wetter messes from escaping. Primarily for Lily during her breastfeeding I used the pre-folds and the diaper covers.

I loved the diaper covers because I didn't have to use pins or other closures for the pre-folds. The way I created a lip in the back to keep messes from escaping was just folding it down a bit and it worked wonderfully. I plan on doing the same when our new little one arrives. And for the older, solid food babies and toddlers, I definitely plan on purchasing enough AIOs next time to last between washings because they are so convenient and others will not be so averse or fearful to changing the cloth diapers either. :-)

Anyone have other comments or suggestions about cloth diapering newborns?

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