May 6, 2010

Our Garden

It's been a few weeks that our garden has been fully established and we're already seeing some fruit! Our tomato plants have already begun to produce cute little baby green tomatoes! There are many other tomato plants that have sprouted some flowers too. The peppers look healthy. My cilantro needed to be replanted from seed, but the chives are doing well. The mustard greens show a lot of promise as well as the beans too. Some cucumber and squash are making themselves known and hopefully we'll be able to reap a good harvest from them too. The corn looks really great - Jeramy thinks he should have planted more.

Monday we had a lot of rain (4"- 5" in some areas!) and it knocked down most of the vegetation. Thankfully the next day the bamboo poles we ordered arrived and we all were able to help set them up. You can see our bamboo structures in the next garden update. Jeramy has done an excellent job of keeping tabs on the garden and giving it a lot of attention.

On the sides of our yard Jeramy planted some blueberry bushes, raspberry bushes, grapes and additional squash and cucumber. Along the driveway he planted some marigold seeds which have also come up and are looking really great after just a few weeks from seed. Yay, garden!

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The Shadburn Family said...

I bet you can't wait until you can walk outside to grocery shop! :)