July 20, 2010

Fun with Play Clothes!

The girls love to steal articles of clothing, shoes, purses, hats and such that belong to others that come to our home. They would try them on, walk around with them, etc. So, why not give them this same outlet?

I went to the thrift store (Park Ave Thrift Outlet on Lawrenceville Hwy) and spent less than $10 buying the girls almost 40 items of clothes, shoes and purses. (On Wednesdays every item is only $0.25 a piece! They close at 1:00 p.m.) I did manage to find a wig and a sombrero! After washing and disinfecting the items, I put them in one of our luggage suitcases and let the girls go to town. They have such a good time creatively picking out different articles and putting them on! It's cheap fun that lasts and it doesn't require any batteries. It doesn't make any annoying sounds. If they tear and break this stuff, it doesn't matter. Woo hoo! Fun for everyone!

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The Roses said...

What a great idea!