July 27, 2010

Lies in July, Exposed

Has anyone ever told you that the founding fathers of our nation were rich, white, racist slave-owning bigots? That is something like what I remember being taught in our public school system. Besides having history teachers (all of whom were white, by the way) who painted our nation's history as something boring, full of dates and facts I couldn't remember, and numerous videos of war after war - history was never really appealing. Why would I want to remember a bunch of white guys who enslaved my ancestors and continued to push "us" down? The American Black population were victims of the oppressive white elite.

This is a humungous lie! There are black founding fathers! Yes, I'm telling the truth! The founding fathers of the U. S. were not only mixed with black and white intelligent, hard-working, home- or self-schooled, courageous men, but they worked together! Our white founding fathers worked toward ending the slave trade! Many of them almost went broke freeing the slaves they inherited! It was one of the main grievances against Britain (besides religious freedom) as a reason for seceding. Don't believe me? See this video. Just a few of the featured men are:

James Armistead (LaFayette), a double spy
Oliver Cromwell
Prince Whipple
Frederick Douglass
Wentworth Cheswill, rode with Paul Revere
Peter Salem, war hero

Read the transcript HERE.

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