October 29, 2009

In Today's News . . .

Calcium protrusions continue to develop in Lily's mouth. Yesterday a new tooth broke through the surface of the lower gum on the left side. Soon there will be a total of seven teeth in the youngest Anderson's mouth. Her parents are generally excited.

Moriah astounded her Father today by consuming an entire 1/3 pound grilled hamburger single-handedly. Said burger was chopped and served with ketchup and spicy original barbeque sauce. Afterwards toddler was rewarded with several pieces of Hershey's chocolate. However rebellious acts continued as she was subjected to disciplinary measures after keeping her feet on the dining table and disobeying other obvious commands from her Father. Currently the near two year old is taking a nap.

After several calls to the Loan Officer, Realtor and Mother, Jeramy has come to his wit's end regarding the acquisition of a new home for his family. The 31 year old reserve Air Force Captain has bought and sold a house in the past with less trouble than he is currently receiving. The closing for the Lawrenceville house was scheduled to occur this past Tuesday at 11:00 a.m. However after paperwork delays from the Appraiser and subsequent Underwriting, the conclusion has been made to blame the Appraiser for faulty reporting. Investigations are currently underway with said Appraiser and the representing company. Plans are continuing to change with no certainty as of yet where the family will be residing over the next few weeks. The street is not a possibility at this point.

And while the stay-at-home mother of two faces joys and trials of her own separate from any current circumstances, Meggan, Jeramy's wife, continues to find it difficult staring at boxes for the third straight day with the house a tornado path of mess. Likewise she has come to her wit's end and hears the song, "Tell me something good . . . " though no actual music plays in the background. While a brief nap has improved her spirits somewhat, dense clouds of disappointment loom heavy in the heart of the Anderson household. Prayers and encouragement are appreciated.


Leah said...

This whole matter sounds very frustrating! I hope you will be able to move into your house VERY soon!!

I will be praying,


The Shadburn Family said...

Hang in there, you guys!

Homebodies said...

I'm glad you still have your sense of humor. Cute post despite your acute disappointment,we will continue to pray.


Lydia said...

What a terrible situation this family must be in. Is there anything we can do to help them?

Meggan said...

Thanks to you all. :-) Lydia, I'll give you a call when I think of something. :-)